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SELL Used Baller

Used baller sales now! Simple and with fair terms!

We will buy your used baler. Regardless whether as direct purchase, site marketing or as trade-in on a new investment. We also provide professional know-how to assist you with company dissolutions or insolvencies. Contact us. We take care of the rest and guarantee you a fair value as well as fast payment of the sale proceeds.

Sell your baler now! Sell your baler now!
We Buy Used Balers and Baling Equipment. We purchase your used cardboard press and loading conveyor, provide with complete service from a single source!


We are always purchase used baling equipment. Please contact us if you have an unwanted baler, industrial baler, or baling equipment.

Our used and reconditioned recycling/waste reduction equipment inventory is acquired through various channels including client facilities located throughout the EU, UK, Germany, France, etc. Most of West Europe.

Sell your used baler now!
Sell your used baler now!

Below you will find a list containing some of the typical balers and baling equipment that we offer removal and liquidations services on.

  • Horizontal Baler
  • Horizontal Baler (Pre-Press Technology Baler)
  • Loading conveyor
  • Vertical Baler
  • Two Ram Baler (2-Ram Baler)
  • Cardboard Baler (Corrugated and OCC)
  • Clothing Baler
  • Paper Baler
  • Plastic Baler
  • UBC Baler
  • BiMetal Baler
  • Aluminum Can Baler
  • Saw Dust Baler
  • Shrink Wrap Baler
  • Foam Baler

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